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The smartest way to start your air charter business.

NEOJETS has developed our technology to empower charter brokers and brokerages like nothing before.
For the first time, NEOJETS provides a solution to brokers and travel agents that allows you to focus on sales, whilst we provide you with our multi-million dollar technology and world-class support team.

That's not all, NEOJETS allows individuals who are new to private aviation to enter the industry with our NEOJETS University training program, that is able to train you up to become a world-class broker, equipping you with the right skills and tools to be a next-generation broker.

The NEOJETS Broker Program is your brokerage-in-a-box solution. If you're serious about private aviation, and the future of the industry, look no further. This is the solution for you.

Welcome to the Next-Generation. Welcome to NEOJETS.

10 reasons to join our program:


Next generation technology

State-of-the-art user experience, the fastest payment solution in the industry and full-business control.


Centralized fulfillment

A global operations team, with bases around the world constantly monitoring operators fleets and ensuring operational quality second to none.


Marketing support

Award-winning creative and expertise to help you deploy successful campaigns targeting UHNWIs.


Global infrastructure

24/7/365 customer support, so you never miss a call and you never miss a sale.



Meet and learn from top charter sales, marketing and luxury market professionals by using our NEOJETS University platform.


Economy of scale

Relationship with the operators for you, so you have access to the best deals and your client’s will never have better quotes.


Low cost of setup

Website, legal support to incorporate, office and next generation technology all sorted. Just add your expertise.


Build your team

NEOJETS is the only platform in business aviation that allows you to Hyperscale your business. As you can grow and build your business globally without the high overhead costs.


Higher commissions

While brick and mortar charter brokerages have to deal with increasing costs, we use our tech to get the bucks back to you.


Own your clients

Once you sign up your client, it will be forever yours whether they book using our self-booking app or managed by you.

Become a next-gen broker now:

Monthly Plan


Setup Fee: $699.00 (Free until Dec 2020)
Month-to-month commitment
Access all tools & training

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Annual plan


Setup Fee: $499.00 (Free until Dec 2020)
Total savings $360 (23%)
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