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Technology infrastructure for business aviation.

We use next-gen technology to empower industry stakeholders — from Aircraft Management companies to Charter Brokerages — to reduce costs and scale exponentially.

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Investing in the Future of Business Aviation.

NEOJETS is a digital asset management company that future-proofs business aviation stakeholders by investing in their technology. We have focused our development in creating the core tools to bring your fleet management to the next level.

With over $5M invested in technology, and a leadership team that has more than 100 years of combined experience in business aviation, NEOJETS is creating the ultimate platform to manage every existing industry model, from A to Z.

Build your way

Total control using our powerful API.

Designed for developers, create Fleet Management, Booking Tools, Payments Processing, Membership Management, Jet Card Programs, or even entire apps without the hustle of building from scratch. Expedite your go-to-market strategies!

Tools for every stack

We offer client and server libraries in everything from React to .NET and iOS.

Prebuilt integrations

Use integrations with the most popular systems in Business Aviation.

const neojets = fetch('aircraft') ('aircraft_43593487598247598gf6faldfkjal')

const neojets.fleetAircraft.create({
   detailsRegistrationNumber: 'N456TX',
   cabins: [
        type: 'passenger',
        label: "Main Cabin",
        clubSeats: 7,
        toiletSeats: 0,
        sofaSeats: 0,
        beds: 0,
        conferenceSeats: 0,
        crewSeats: 0,
   instantBooking: true,
100% 6/6 ln : 4
$ node aircraft.js && neojets listen
> Ready! Waiting for requests...
2022-03-31 10:17:22 [200] fleetAircraft.created
2022-03-31 10:17:23 [200] register.succeeded


A unique approach to tech for business aviation.

Built for global payments

Built-in payments system designed specifically for the industry, with fast settlement across North America, the Caribbean, and Europe.

Evolving technology

We emphasize the "next-gen technology" approach for a reason: it is built for the future. Every new business model in aviation is accounted for: from gated membership-based access, to dynamic jet card programs.

Platform, not a tool

While other solutions in the market is built using a set of rules, we focused on flexibility. Infrastructure for business aviation like never built before.

Your tech division

We invest in your tech, so you can invest in flying your customers.

Building technology is expensive and time consuming. We understand that running a business aviation company is a challenge, if not an art. We help you get rid of distractions by researching the future of our industry and applying technology to those visions.


In assets managed through the NEOJETS ecosystem.


In charter revenues combined of our customers.

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Invested in next-generation technology for business aviation.

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