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Whether you manage a large or a small fleet, our price will fit your size.

Our price is as flexible as our platform. Pay for what you use, based on your company's size and add-ons you select. If you need a custom solution, talk to our team to evaluate our enterprise plan.


Manage your fleet, crew, regulations and sell charter with your own branded app.

$590 /month per aircraft
+3.9%/credit card transaction on charter sales
$11,500 setup fee

Create an Web App with your own branding

Manage your fleet

Manage your crew schedule

Accept credit cards and ACH payments instantly

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Unleash your sales potential with multiple modules and custom solutions.

Customized modules for your use

Integration with your scheduling systems

Dedicated customer support

What is included

A complete digitalization package.

Our basic plan included in the free trial has everything you need in order to launch your own booking app. But if you want to explore all the functions of our system with one of our relationship managers, click below and schedule a call.

10-day trial

Our trial period gives you a great possibility of exploring features and how NEOJETS Connect can help you manage charter sales.

Register your fleet

Bring your entire fleet to the platform, add your cost variables, including our Floating aircraft.

Manage team and customers

A platform for your entire charter sales team. Let your entire organization manage your clients and their travel preferences.

Create Deals

Publish empty-legs and one-way deals and let users explore the most common destinations from your bases.

Launch your Web App

Deploy your own booking app in a few days, using our white-label tool, where you can manage colors, logos and aircraft images to match your brand.

Payments unleashed

Our standalone checkout page is a product on its own. Accept credit cards and automated ACH payments with a gateway that is business aviation friendly.

Many add-ons

Go beyond the usual flight options and let your users access every new business model in the industry, from crowdfunding flights to fixed shuttles. Connect our platform to your Flight Scheduling System and streamline the entire booking process.

Let's take off?

Sign up for our free trial and explore our features, or contact our team to create a custom solution for your company. Are you ready to digitally transform your business?